Introduction to CXO Advisor

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CXO Advisor was established in 2002 to provide the African market with a business relevant IT Advisory Service supported by world class research. Initially trading as MarketWorls Advisory and appointed as the African Consulting partner of the Global IT house Datamonitor, Europe’s largest cross industry management research house with its IT reseach powerhouse ButlerGroup.

Datamonitor subsequently also acquired Ovum, the leading research company in the Telecom’s industry. Subsequently Datamonitor consolidated all it’s Information Technology assets and services under the Ovum brand to form the world’s leading ICT Research Analyst organisation. (See CXO Advisor Partners)
Today CXO Advisor is not only Ovum’s exclusive consulting and advisory partner in Africa, supporting both Ovum’s subscribers and other major companies in making informed and business decisions, but we also contribute South African and African research and thought leadership on ICT Management to Ovum.
CXO Advisor's incisive analysis drives better ICT investment decisions – we also manage the returns from these investments.

Value Proposition

Over a number of years, CXO Advisor has developed and enhanced the 3 Role Model (3RM©)[1] into an IT Business Management Framework (ITBMF). This is unique in that it presents a financial performance perspective as a golden thread across the investment, project, and operational portfolio for informed business decision-making about IT.

This has the effect that business is able to provide IT with suitable direction based on business imperatives, and IT is empowered to deliver on their mandate.

The ITBMF abstracts the complexity of IT Management so that the IT agenda is driven by business requirements of IT. In support of this the ITBMF applies to:

  • IT Strategy and Planning[2]
  • IT Portfolio prioritisation and Management[3]
  • IT Governance and Risk[4]
  • IT Finance and budgeting
  • IT Transformation
  • IT Performance Management
  • IT Board assurance and King III
  • IT Resourcing, sourcing & procurement
  • IT Outsourcing, contract and vendor management

These are management and commercial services that enhance business capability to leverage the utility and value of technology.


[1] “What Business Really Wants from IT” – Terry White, Elsevier 2005

[2]Including the IT Charter and Mandate

[3] Including value and benefits realization

[4]Including how CoBiT and ITIL map to the ITBMF - IT Business Management Framework