Performance Benchmarking

Our benchmarking process exposes the benefits of understanding the drivers of cost with the use of benchmarking best practices to identify the most promising areas for building a compelling business case for change.

The steps in exposing the advantages of benchmarking:

Business Efficiency vs IT Effectiveness Benchmark

For the CIO striving to improve their operational efficiency, effectiveness and value

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Business Performance Benchmark

Improve your business performance
Compare your business processes and performance metrics to industry norms and best practices and to your rivals with our unique business momentum model analysis.


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IT Performance Index

Assess your IT efficiency and effectiveness
Fundamentally we measure IT cost to operating cost in order to establish high level efficiency through the deployment of technology. Then we use our unique business momentum model to establish Inertia drag from legacy and Innovation potential for revenue.

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Bureaucracy Index

Your legacy supports bureaucracy and hinders business agility
Our bureaucracy index shows the extent to which your business is constrained by legacy and whether this these constraints are increasing or improving.  Fundamentally this is a leading indicator of future performance.

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Innovation Index

Create an engine for innovation
Get an objective snapshot of the current state of innovation within your enterprize

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