Sourcing and Procurement

Integrated Strategic Sourcing and centralized procurement for developing and executing comprehensive sourcing plans.

The steps in delivering Procurement as a service:

Requirements Specifications

Effective Analysis, documentation, validation and management of business requirements
Writing of Business requirements that are actionable, measurable, testable, traceable and related to business needs or opportunities

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Transaction Advisory

Manage transactions in an ever changing market
trusted adviser to some of the leading corporations in South Africa, preserving and creating value in major business transactions


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Request for Proposal Process

Find the vendor best suited to your organisation's needs
Encourage Accountability and good governance with fairness and transparency while minimizing the likelihood of corruption or favoritism


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Vendor Selection Process

Selecting the right vendor for your business and facilitating IT Vendor Management
Search and interview prospective vendors, leading the team in the selection of winning vendors and providing insight on contract negotiations whilst avoiding negotiation mistakes

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Tender Evaluation

Save time and costs through a good tender evaluation process
highly competent evaluation panel and evaluation process enforcing equal treatment, non-descrimination and confidentiality

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Contract Management

Strategically covering the whole procurement process, we go beyond the day to day "administrative" activities in the procurement process
We ensure that all parties to the contract fully meet their obligations, efficiently and effectively and deliver the business operational outputs whilst providing value for money

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Due Diligence

Assessment or in-depth Analysis of the IT function of a potential acquisition or investment
Assess the current state of IT capabilities, analyse opportunities for cost saving by comparing IT Spend to that of the industry, facilitate risk assessment and scenario planning

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